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Green House Solutions
OZONE BIOTECH is one of the leading Greenhouse construction company having ability to use most advanced technology to construct greenhouses for all kind of growers from all over India. We designs, manufacturers and construct Greenhouses considering the Indian environment and topography and known for its technological excellency in this field.
We offer following Green Houses :
Environmental Control Green Houses
Glass Houses
Mist Chambers
Hardening Chambers
Containment facility
Transgenic Green Houses
These are the state of the art facility having the ideal combination of Temperature, humidity & Light intensity to grow the plant inside the structure. We design & fabricate the facility as per the local condition of the site like wind Load, rain & snow load altitude & also with the user’s requirement.
We are using the following main components in those facility :
Lighting : PAR Lamps / High flux Light.
Shading : Shade net / Shading screen.
Cooling : Through Fan & Pad cooling system / Air-conditioning system
Control Panel : Microprocessor based Temperature, Humidity & Light controller
Cladding : Polycarbonate sheet 6 mm / 8 mm / 10 mm
Structure : Hot GI square pipe of 47 mm x 47 mm / 38 mm x 38 mm
Humidity : Through Misting / Fogging system
Shade Houses / Net Houses
Shade houses constitute an inexpensive alternative to regular greenhouses. The shade house offer solid ventilation as well as very positive growing results for a wide range of crops, such as tomatoes, capsicum, cucumbers, variety of flowers and ornamentals. The shade house offer different shade percentage adjusting to different crops and a diversity of situations. Shade Houses also provide protection from a wide range of insects, hailing and excessive sun exposure, providing a simple and inexpensive solution for sensible crops to hostile weather conditions. A Shade House can come with differing types of nets (colors, mesh), providing different levels of crop protection. Recent research shows that different colors provide different growing results for different crops. For example, red nets enhance stem width in a number of ornamentals plants.
Naturally ventilated Poly House

The naturally ventilated Poly house was designed to meet the growing needs of farmers around the world to produce higher quality crops thus enhance the return. This naturally ventilated poly house is designed to solve the problem of ventilation and humidity and is especially suited for hot and humid weather conditions. This is carried out by Fix openings located in the center of each of the structure's arches which run’s along the entire length and four sides ventilation, which run’s along the entire length & breadth of the structure. These openings allow natural ventilation and release hot air. This type of poly house can withstand winds of 120-150 kilometers per hour, as well as trellising capability of 25 kilograms per square meter, depending on the different requirements. The naturally ventilated Poly House has a number of variations depending on the climate zone and type of crop. Under extreme weather conditions a naturally ventilated Poly House will be constructed by using 27mm / 32mm / 42mm / 48mm / 60mm / 65mm/76 mm galvanized pipes would be the most suitable.

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